Fellas! Getting Married This Year? How to Dress for a Beach Wedding

According to "Men's Journal" . . . 

"More weddings happen during the summer than any other season, so it’s likely you’ll eventually be invited to one at the beach. And given the high temperatures and easy vibe, you don’t want to show up in the same suit you wear to the office. 

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A-Rod Still Trending Style in Sunglasses and Coats

Sunglasses and a topcoat are business essentials.Though he made his name and fortune wearing cleats, A-Rod's second career as a businessman (and J-Lo's +1) demands an entirely different kind of uniform.

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The GQ Guide To Watches

This might come as news, but your watch doesn't need to be encrusted with diamonds, or have sixteen dials, or tell you what the surf is like in Malaysia right now. It needs to sync up with your lifestyle. 

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How Your Watch Reflects Your Character

Personal style and how a man carries himself can make a strong first impression and lend to a man’s overall ethos. Take one look and you can assess a man by some key aspects: his clothes, his haircut, the way he walks and then there’s his wristwatch.

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Minimalist Watches Are The Hottest Trend in 2018

Stay in vogue in 2018 with a minimalist watch. They are time-telling mechanisms that are simplistic in nature and design. Their purpose is to tell you the time in the most simplest of ways and try to look good while doing so.

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